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Penelitian Terapi Bekam untuk Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Research on Wet Cupping 3

May 5, 2012 - السبت 15 جمادى الثانية 1433

Nah disini anda dapat membaca riset Bekam yang berkaitan dengan penyakit carpal Tunnel Syndrom apa itu penyakit carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an entrapment median neuropathy, causing paresthesiapain, numbness, and other symptoms in the distribution of the median nerve due to its compression at the wrist in the carpal tunnel. The pathophysiology is not completely understood but can be considered compression of the median nerve traveling through the carpal tunnel.[1] The National Center for Biotechnology Information and highly cited older literature[2] say the most common cause of CTS is typing.[3] More recent research by Lozano-Calderón has cited genetics as a larger factor than use,[4] and has encouraged caution in ascribing causality.[5]

The main symptom of CTS is intermittent numbness of the thumb, index, long and radial half of the ring finger.[6] The numbness often occurs at night, with the hypothesis that the wrists are held flexed during sleep. Recent literature suggests that sleep positioning, such as sleeping on one’s side, might be an associated factor.[7] It can be relieved by wearing a wrist splint that prevents flexion.[8] Long-standing CTS leads to permanent nerve damage with constant numbness, atrophy of some of the muscles of the thenar eminence, and weakness of palmar abduction.[9]

Pain in carpal tunnel syndrome is primarily numbness that is so intense that it wakes one from sleep. Pain in electrophysiologically verified CTS is associated with misinterpretation of nociception and depression.[10]

Palliative treatments for CTS include use of night splints and corticosteroid injection. The only scientifically established disease modifying treatment is surgery to cut the transverse carpal ligament.[11]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) adalah penyakit di pergelangan tangan karena penggunaan berulang. Penyebabnya belum diketahui secara pasti namun dapat dianggap sebagai saraf yang tertekan oleh carpal tunnel. Penyakit ini umumnya diturunkan secara genetis.

Gejala CTS adalah perasaan kaku di jempol, jari telunjuk, jari tengah, dan jari manis. Hal ini terjadi di malam hari. Bila tidak ditangani, CTS dapat menyebabkan kerusakan saraf. Rasa sakit ini dapat terjadi dengan kuat sehingga penderita terbangun dari tidur.

Perawatan CTS adalah dengan injeksi corticosteroid. Selain itu juga dengan operasi untuk memotong transverse carpal ligament.

CTS mulai diselidiki pada tahun 1950-an, namun gejalanya telah dikenal sejak lama. Pada 1854, Sir James Paget adalah orang pertama yang melaporkan saraf tertekan di pergelangan tangan karena retak tulang.

Penelitian Terapi Bekam untuk Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Effects of Traditional Cupping Therapy in Patients With Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Cupping therapy as applied in this study was a safe and very well tolerated. A common minor adverse effect was
a local hematoma, but wound healing after cupping was
In conclusion, a single course of wet cupping of
the shoulder triangle overlying the trapezius muscle appears to be effective in relieving symptoms and pain
for at least 1 week in patients with manifest CTS. The
efficacy of this treatment and its related mechanisms

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