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March 27, 2012 - الثلاثاء 05 جمادى الأولى 1433

Berikut ini adalah merupakan penelitian tentang bekam yang di lakukan oleh peneliti dari berbagai negara (hanya ditampilkan dalam bentuk ringkasan / rangkuman saja untuk menghormati Peneliti )

Dr. Saad A. AL-Saedi , Medicine College, Departement Pediatric, Molecular Aspects of Cupping Therapy: Relationship to Immune Functions in Patients with Chronic HCV Infection (Phase two)

Dr. Saad A. Al-Saedi, Hubungan antara fungsi Imun pada pasien dengan infeksi Hepatitis C Kronik

Ringkasan Penelitiannya :

¡In the periodic report submitted for this study, results comparing HCV patients undergoing repeated cupping with control persons were presented to demonstrate the effect of cupping on CBC, liver functions and immune response. However, in this part of the study the objectives have been achieved by studying the effect of repeated cupping on the same measures as well as measuring the effect of cupping on MDA, IL-1β, and cAMP. The results of this study showed significant improvement in liver enzymes (namely ALT) following repeated cupping, and also in reducing the free radical MDA as well as cAMP, both of which are incriminated in pathological liver changes accompanying HCV infection. On the other hand, results showed the effect of repeated cupping on increasing IL-1β which triggers the cascade of immunostimulation secondary to inflammations, by activating T-lymphocytes and B-cells together with activating adhesion molecules and other cytokines. Results showed also continued increase in platelet count upon repeated cupping. Although no significant change in WBC count was observed, lymphocytic count was increased even above control levels, which might reflect improved immune system secondary to the observed reduction in viral load. Cupping also increased hemoglobin levels around the control values. And, lastly, repeated cupping was associated with significant reduction in viral load of HCV RNA using PCR technique.  Taken together, the present results showed a significant increase in the immune response after repeated cupping and subsequently a significant reduction in virus replication in the blood samples taken from these patients.
Terjemah dari kalimat cetak miring :
Diambil secara bersamaan (dari penelitian tersebut ), kondisi yang ada menunjukkan peningkatan secara signifikan dalam respon kekebalan tubuh setelah pembekaman berulang dan kemudian pengurangan secara signifikan dalam replikasi virus dalam contoh darah yang diambil dari pasien-pasien

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